C.S. Ardington (Economics)
Parental death and schooling outcomes in South Africa.
Supervised by Professor M. Leibbrandt and Professor A. Case.

L. Banda (Economics)
Financial development and economic growth: a comparative study of multivariate analysis of Kenya, South Africa and Zambia's economies.
Supervised by Professor H. Abraham.

M. Golestaneh (Graduate School of Business)
Market orientation, donor relations, and performance of South African HIV/AIDS care providers.
Supervised by Professor S. Burgess.

T. Gress (Graduate School of Business)
On the nomological relations of culture and market orientation: the case of the German and South African automotive industries.
Supervised by Professor S. Burgess.

F. Gwenhamo (Economics)
The role of institutions in shaping foreign capital: evidence from South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Supervised by Professor J.W. Fedderke.

L.A. Hanmer (Information Systems)
Factors associated with the successful implementation of computerised hospital information systems in South Africa.
Supervised by Professor J.D. Roode and Dr S. Isaacs.

C. Heyns-Nell (Graduate School of Business)
What mediates the effects of market orientation on performance? The case of high technology companies in South Africa.
Supervised by Professor S. Burgess.

T.C. Makgoba (Graduate School of Business)
African workplace spirituality in South African mines.
Supervised by Professor K. April.

I. Malgas(Graduate School of Business)
Power sector reform in Africa: the paradox of hybrid markets.
Supervised by Professor A. Eberhard.

A.G. McCord (Economics)
The anatomy of public works: an exploration of the social protection function of public works programmes in contexts of chronic poverty.
Supervised by Professor M. Leibbrandt.

R. Mussa (Economics)
Children, investments in education and poverty in Malawi.
Supervised by Associate Professor M. Wittenberg.

K.N. Njenga (Information Systems)
Conceptualising improvisation in information security risk management activities: a South Africa case study.
Supervised by Associate Professor I. Brown.

M. Ntuli (Economics)
Exploring the status of African women in the South African labour market, 1995–2004.
Supervised by Associate Professor M. Wittenberg.

N.M. Ochara (Information Systems)
The e-government artifact in the context of a developing country: towards a nomadic framework.
Supervised by Associate Professor J.-P. van Belle.

K.W. Pauw (Economics)
Labour market policy and poverty: identifying and modelling the pathways to the poor.
Supervised by Professor M. Leibbrandt and Associate Professor L. Edwards.

K. Sewchurran (Information Systems)
Toward a regional ontology for information systems project management.
Supervised by Professor D. Smith and Professor J.D. Roode.

S. Simayi (Graduate School of Business)
Application of lean management in the provision of textbooks to Eastern Cape public schools.
Supervised by Professor T. Koelble.

M.S. von Blottnitz (Accounting)
Dysfunctional market or insufficient creditworthiness? An exploration of financial constraints experienced by small, medium and micro enterprises in South Africa.
Supervised by Professor E. Uliana.

C.R. West (Accounting)
The taxation of international (non-resident) sportspersons in South Africa - a critical analysis of the relevance of the OECD Model article 17 in Double Tax Agreements from a South African perspective and the misalignment of this article in South African DTAs (in force at 1 June 2008) when compared against the final withholding tax on the gross earnings of non-resident sportspersons performing in South Africa.
Supervised by Associate Professor J. Roeleveld and Professor P. Surtees.


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