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Head of Department: Professor John Parkington (First semester), Professor Judith Sealy (Second semester)

Departmental Profile
The Department of Archaeology is characterised by a diversity of well-established research interests. The Western Cape has a rich archaeological heritage which includes evidence of hunter-gatherer settlement, pastoralist communities and colonial settlers, all the focus of ongoing research. Further afield, the Department also has a research focus on the archaeology of early Tswana and Sotho-speaking agropastoralists, particularly in North West and the Free State

In addition, the Department is home to archaeometric and materials research, focussing on palaeoanthropology, past environments, early human diets and materials analysis. The Department of Archaeology has developed an expertise in Cultural Resource Management, working with both government and private sectors to mitigate the effects of development and widen public awareness of the importance of the past.

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